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Keynote Speakers

Plug & Navigate Robots for smart factories.

Dr. Kay Fuerstenberg
Senior Manager Research & Technology,
SICK AG, Germany.


Abstract: Factory logistics constitutes a major bottleneck for mass production, creating a need for significant optimization. Unfortunately, today’s technology for factory logistics automation is still in an early stage of development and its deployment in the factory requires a trained staff and involves several time-consuming, costly, inflexible and sometimes even error-prone manual tasks. Therefore, the overall project objective of PAN-Robots is to develop, demonstrate and validate a generic automation system for factory logistics in modern factories based on the use of advanced automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The PAN-Robots consortium proposes a new generation of flexible, cost effective, safe and green AGVs that will be able to transport material and products in modern factories autonomously, intelligently and efficiently. In order to achieve this project objective current technologies need to be significantly enhanced and a number of new approaches and technologies need to be developed.


Professional outline: Dr. Kay Fuerstenberg was born in 1970. During his PhD he has focused on pedestrian safety and object recognition for automotive safety and comfort applications using Laserscanners. More than ten years he was working for IBEO Automobile Sensor and established a research department to support automotive driver assistance systems with novel sensors and perception capabilities. Since 2010 he is responsible for the CU Research & Technology of the SICK AG - one of the world's leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications.
Dr. Fuerstenberg joined several European research projects and is the coordinator of the EC-project PAN-Robots.