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Workshop 1

Selected Topics on Video-Based Driver Assistance

(Thursday, September 3, 16:00 - 18:00)

Catalin Golban,
Robert Bosch,
www.bosch.com, www.bosch.ro

Location: Hotel City Plaza, Room "Beijing" (5th floor).

Video based driver assistance systems is a continuously growing field in automotive industry. Based on surround sensors such as radar, video and/or ultrasound, driver assistance systems sense and interpret the traffic scenes. They assist the driver in various driving situations and increase the driving comfort. In addition, driver assistance systems improve driving safety by supporting the driver in critical driving situations that require rapid and safe action.
The workshop will make an overview of the safety and comfort solutions provided by Bosch with an outlook into automated driving, with strong focus on the stereo video technologies. We will also highlight new video algorithms that can bring new functions in the vehicles equipped with the next generation stereo cameras.
Continuous evaluation and validation is a key factor for measuring the performance and the robustness of the systems. Cross comparisons with other sensors play a key role when evaluating the driver assistance algorithms and systems.  Such performance measurements lead to high reliability and availability of the video-based algorithmic solutions.
The workshop will show how different steps in the processing pipeline (disparity estimation, free-space estimation)  can be validated based on reference sensors leading to increased performance and high quality systems ready to be used in consumer cars.


1. Video-based driver assistance solutions: overview and outlook into autonomous driving solutions
Catalin Golban

2. Velodyne based evaluation of disparity estimation algorithms
Claudiu Decean


3. Evaluation of freespace from stereo-video based on laser scanner sensors
Paul Bara


4. Height obstructions estimation from disparity and image gradients
Doru Nitu

Workshop 2

Spherik Accelerator:  From Idea to Innovation

(Friday, September 4, 17:30 - 18:10)

Jennifer Austin,
Managing Director at Spherik Accelerator, Romania

Location: Hotel City Plaza, Ballroom (1st floor).

Though Romania is well-regarded for its technical talent and universities, as demonstrated by the many MNOs outsourcing to the country, this convergence of technical and academic excellence has not yet realized its potential in bringing innovation to market.  According to the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2015, despite gains in education and intellectual assets (including patents), there has been a marked decline in economic gain/sale of innovative products and venture capital.  While interest in start-ups thrives in many communities, there has been limited cross-over between academia and entrepreneurship, resulting in a dearth of “deep-tech” start-ups.

In order to realize its innovation and entrepreneurship potential, this unnatural chasm between academic and entrepreneurship must be bridged.  The tech sector, which accounts for a substantial portion of Romanian GDP, must invariably shift from outsourcing to innovation.  To achieve this, we must bring together academia and commercialization.  This event will present different programs and opportunities available for those from academic to try their hand at entrepreneurship, detailing how different programs work and which types of products each is appropriate for.  In addition, we will present the case of a start-up from the Spherik program founded by a PhD Computer Engineering, and how capitalized on both his academic and accelerator resources to found his company.

This is meant to be an open discussion with robust dialogue and questions.