ICCP 2021 Accepted Papers

Accepted papers:

Sergiu Nistor. An Actor-Critic Approach to Neural Network Architecture Search for Facial Expressions Recognition
Ivo Haering, Florian Lüttner, Andreas Frohrath, Miriam Fehling-Kaschek, Katharina Ross, Armin Rupalla, Frank Hantschel, Christian Schyr, Thomas Schamm, Steffen Knopp, Daniel Schmidt, Andreas Schmidt, Michael Frey, Daniel Grimm, Marc René Zofka, Alexander Viehl, Yang Ji, Zhengxiong Yang and Robert Wiechowski. Framework for safety assessment of autonomous driving functions up to SAE level 5 by self-learning iteratively improving control loops between development, safety and field life cycle phases
Egemen Karabiyik, Rıfat Uzun, Batuhan Durukal and Erhan Ozkaya. Safety Assessment of Partially Automated Lane Change System Controller Calibration by Classifiers
Cosmin Rosu and Victor Bacu. Asteroid Image Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Topi Miekkala, Pasi Pyykönen, Arto Kyytinen and Matti Kutila. LiDAR system benchmarking for VRU detection in heavy goods vehicle blind spots
Imre Zsigmond and Horia Pop. Linking Gamification Preferences to Personality Traits in Computer Science Education
Sebastian Braun, Youssef Mostafa, Jessica Ulmer, Chi-Tsun Cheng, Steve Dowey and Jörg Wollert. Agents-as-a-Service - a novel approach to on-premise digital twins
Anders Skretting and Tor-Morten Grønli. Distributed Sensor Data Collection Using Mobile Clouds for Public Transportation
Maria-Madalina Mircea, Rares Boian and Gabriela Czibula. A machine learning approach for data protection in virtual reality therapy applications
Radu Danescu, Razvan Itu, Mircea Paul Muresan and Vlad Turcu. Compact Solution for Low Earth Orbit Surveillance
Codrut-Georgian Artene, Marius Nicolae Tibeica and Florin Leon. Using BERT for Multi-Label Multi-Language Web Page Classification
Stefan Daniel Achirei, Ioana Ariana Opariuc, Otilia Zvoristeanu, Simona Caraiman and Vasile Ion Manta. Pothole Detection for Visually Impaired Assistance
Wiem Belhedi. Hardware and heterogeneous CNN for vision systems
Claudia-Lavinia Ignat and Quang-Vinh Dang. Users trust assessment based on their past behavior in large scale collaboration
Belhedi Wiem and François Rioult. Underwater Noise Estimation with General Regression Neural Network
Alexandru Predescu, Diana-Andreea Arsene, Mariana Mocanu and Costin-Gabriel Chiru. A distributed approach for increasing coverage in crowdsensing applications with focus on urban exploration and water infrastructure
Ernesto Fontana, Dario Lodi Rizzini and Stefano Caselli. A Combinatorial Approach to Detection of Box Pallet Layouts
Razvan Itu and Radu Danescu. Object detection using part based semantic segmentation
Bogdan Maxim and Sergiu Nedevschi. OccTransformers: Learning occupancy using attention
Bogdan Maxim and Sergiu Nedevschi. A survey on the current state of the art on deep learning 3D reconstruction
Andrei Ciuparu and Raul Muresan. Jittered sampling - a potential solution for detecting high frequencies in GCaMP recordings
Calin Diaconu, Cristina Pele and Mihai Negru. Metrics for Evaluating the Continuity Capabilities of Object Detection Systems
Mihai-Bogdan Bîndilă and Mihai Negru. End-to-End Automated Machine Learning System for Supervised Learning Problems
Robert Rentea and Ciprian Oprisa. Fast Clustering for Massive Collections of Malicious URLs
Imola Nagy and Alin Suciu. Randomness Testing with Neural Networks
Eneia Nicolae Todoran. Continuation Semantics for Interaction and Concurrency
Maksim Siniukov, Anastasia Antsiferova, Dmitriy Kulikov and Dmitriy Vatolin. Hacking VMAF and VMAF NEG: vulnerability to different preprocessing methods
Loredana Coroamă and Adrian Groza. Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Person Identification
Marina Bianca Trif and Radu Razvan Slavescu. Towards Predicting Merge Conflicts in Software Developments Environments
Diya Dinesh, Diya Dinesh and Diya Dinesh. A Novel Multi-Model Approach to Real-Time Road Accident Prediction and Driving Behavior Analysis Using a Fully Connected Feed-Forward Deep Neural Network and a CoreML Object Detection Model
László Antal and Zalán Bodó. Feature axes orthogonalization in semantic face editing
Alexandru Bobaru, Corina Nafornita and Cristian Vesa. A Method for Automatic Radar Azimuth Calibration using Stationary Targets
Vlad Lazar, Sorin Buzura, Bogdan Iancu and Vasile Dadarlat. Anomaly Detection in Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Ioan Stan, Rodica Potolea and Bogdan-Paul Ungur. Augmented Van Emde Boas Tree for Connected Vehicles Traffic Modeling
Viktor Lizenberg, Mhd Redwan Alkurdi, Ulrich Eberle and Frank Köster. Intelligent Co-Simulation Framework for Cooperative Driving Functions
Ioana Alexandra Bozdog, Daniel-Nicusor Todea, Marcel Antal, Claudia Daniela Antal, Cioara Tudor, Ionut Anghel and Ioan Salomie. Human Behavior and Anomaly Detection using Machine Learning and Wearable Sensors
Myriam Elizabeth Recalde, Pedro López García, Francisco Javier Echanobe and Joshue Pérez Rastelli. Eyes Detector Approach for Driving Monitoring System for Occlusion Faces without using Facial Landmarks
Alexandru Dodon, Marius Adrian Calugar, Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Rodica Potolea, Camelia Lemnaru, Vasile Vlad Moca and Raul Cristian Muresan. A Generative Adversarial Approach for the Detection of Typical and Drowned Action Potentials
Vlad Ratiu, Mihai Alexandru Aionitoaie, Emanuel Puschita and Vasile-Teodor Dadarlat. An Automatic Machine Learning Approach to Ultra-Wideband Real Time Positioning
Roxana-Ioana Aldea, Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Rodica Potolea, Camelia Lemnaru, Raul-Cristian Muresan and Vasile-Vlad Moca. Weighted Principal Component Analysis based on statistical properties of features for Spike Sorting
Istvan Nagy and Florin Oniga. Free Space Detection from Lidar Data Based on Semantic Segmentation
Vlad Bucur and Liviu Miclea. Optimizing Towards a Multi-Cloud Environment through Benchmarking Data Transfer Speeds in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
Selma Evelyn Catalina Deac, Flaviu Ionut Vancea and Sergiu Nedevschi. MVGNet: 3D object detection using multi volume grid representation in urban traffic scenarios
Horațiu Florea, Vlad Miclea and Sergiu Nedevschi. WildUAV: Monocular UAV Dataset for Depth Estimation Tasks
Anca Hangan, Zoltan Czako and Gheorghe Sebestyen. IoT data collection and analysis services on CloudUT
Ana Rednic, Septimiu Crișan and Radu Gabriel Dănescu. Design and Implementation of a Markings Assisted Guide Robot for Art Museums
Laura Ceuca, Ana Rednic and Emil Ștefan Chifu. Safer museum guide interaction during a pandemic and further. Using NLP in human interactive museum visits
Corina Cîmpanu, Lavinia Ferariu and Tiberius Dumitriu. Feature Selection via Genetic Multiobjective Optimization with Fuzzy Rejection Mechanisms
Sergiu Zaporojan, Viorel Carbune and Radu Razvan Slavescu. Hardware implementation of Hopfield-like neural networks: Quantitative analysis of FPGA approach
Catalin-Cosmin Golban, Corvin-Petrut Cobarzan and Sergiu Nedevschi. Visual Odometry Drift Reduction Based on LiDAR Point Clouds Alignment
Kevin Sheng-Kai Ma. Deep neural networks for prediction and detection of ocular sequelae among survivors of Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis
Matúš Tuna, Kristína Malinovská, Svatopluk Kraus and Pavel Krsek. Semi-supervised Learning in Camera Surveillance Image Classification
Asad Ullah Khan and Dario Lodi Rizzini. Novel SKIP Features for LIDAR Odometry and Mappings
Hrithika Dodia. Detecting residues of cosmic events using residual neural network
Marius Dulau and Florin Oniga. Obstacle Detection Using a Facet-Based Representation from 3D LiDAR Measurements
Ritu Gala, Revathi Vijayaraghavan, Valmik Nikam and Arvind Kiwelekar. Real-Time Cognitive Evaluation of Online Learners through Automatically Generated Questions
Raluca Brehar, Cristian-Cosmin Vancea, Mircea Paul Muresan, Sergiu Nedevschi and Radu Dănescu. Pose Based Pedestrian Street Cross Action Recognition in Infrared Images
Liana Toderean, Claudia Pop, Marcel Antal, Dan Mitrea, Cioara Tudor, Ionut Anghel and Ioan Salomie. A Lockable ERC20 Token for Peer to Peer Energy Trading
Rui Li. Image features for vision-based robot manipulation based on deep reinforcement learning
Ionut Mihalache, Maria-Elena Mihailescu, Darius Mihai, Mihai Carabas and Nicolae Tapus. bhyve - JSON format and capsicum support for the snapshot feature
Andreea Monea and Anca Marginean. Medical Question Entailment based on Textual Inference and Fine-tuned BioMed-RoBERTa
Viorica Rozina Chifu, Cristina Bianca Pop, Ciurianu Andrei and Emil St. Chifu. Machine Learning-based Approach for Predicting Health Information Using Smartwatch Data
Andreea Ilies and Anca Marginean. Understanding Cooking Recipes’ Structure Using Grammars
Marius-Florinel Tudosoiu and Florin Pop. Bin Packing Scheduling Algorithm with Energy Constraints in Cloud Computing
Mircea Paul Muresan, Raul Marchis, Sergiu Nedevschi and Radu Danescu. Stereo and Mono Depth Estimation Fusion for an Improved and Fault Tolerant 3D Reconstruction Solution